Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Camp America Recruitment Fairs

For the love of all things holy. This date change is actively ruining my life one small nugget of control at a time.

Camp America have recruitment fairs where a vast majority of the participating camps attend, applicants get to meet them, find out all about the various camps, and there's a good chance you may even get hired on the spot - which, if not apparent, is incredibly handy and solves a lot of problems.

There are 3 held around the country and the nearest one by far to me is Manchester (other options being Edinburgh and London), cheap travel, close to home, everyone's a winner.


Hello extortionate train fares to get to London on a Saturday on what will turn out to be a 6 hour round trip that will result in extreme difficulty maneuvering myself around a city that's on acid 24/7 crammed full of people that hate me because I'm breathing air that could be potentially be put to better use as pollution. Can't wait.

This whole exhibition change is just throwing more and more shit at the fan, I've already had to take a week off work because I can't afford to not do uni work and if one more thing goes wrong I'm resorting to the fetal position.

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