Friday, 15 January 2010

A step in the right direction..

Today me and Claire booked ourselves in for the laser cutter. We have two consecutive hours that we plan on sharing next Friday afternoon to work on our wall pieces. I instantly feel better. Now that I have an actual time slot it means that I have to get the templates done by then and if I get my frame shapes next week that means I have 6 whole days to put the piece together in time for the exhibition - job's a good'un.

I don't think it will take me that long to get the frame templates drawn up - no more than a day or so, meaning in between then and the cutter session I can work on my postcard idea as well.

Aside from that I've been doing some serious consideration regarding the Vogue illustrations and their place in the exhibition and I've done a complete U-turn. The salon style display was a very specific vision in my head and I just don't think I'm going to be able to pull it off to the standard I would have liked - two weeks just isn't enough time to find a varied enough range of frames at prices that I can afford (seeing as large-ish frames can cost at least £20 each). There is also the issue that David has now decided that the whole exhibition is going to be salon style so my work - which was intended to be an individual salon display in the midst of evenly spaced work - just won't have the impact that I initially hoped.

My plan now is to create a good quality leather display box to present my drawings in. Each page will be of equal size and will be larger than the magazine size so that you can see the confinements of each page and can respond to it more as a drawing of an object rather than a model, which is the point I'm largely trying to make. I want my 'book' to be a documentation of how I see Vogue - when I look at a page, what is it that I see?

I have also made the command decision not to rush trying to get my book completed in time for the exhibition - I'd rather use the extra week and be able to say that I completed it to the best of my ability, than to have to spend that week saying 'ahh I wish I'd done this and this differently, it would have looked so much better'.

What this does mean though - and I'm completely gutted about this - is that I don't plan on using my second drawing in my final book. Or at least, I won't be able to use the original as the paper is the exact page size with no border. It may be the case that I scan in my drawings and print them out again so I can produce more than one final book but so far any scanned pencil drawings have lost a lot of their initial charm when they've been reproduced so it may be worth a trip to the digital print room to see what can be done.

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